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Get budget-friendly, personalised, healthy meal plans delivered to you from quality restaurants. (Available in Sheffield only)

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Schedule your takeaway for the week. Say "NO" to meal prep and reheating.


Have a busy schedule or specific dietary requirements? You can use our suggestions or create one.


Enjoy customer-rated meals covering taste, presentation and portion sizes.

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Why Mealish?

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How it works

We build your meal plans based on your likes, dislikes, allergies and dietary requirements. See for yourself, click here to view a demo of the mobile app.

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Mealish foodie profile dietary requirements

No limitation.

All meals excluding meat.

Only plant based meals.

Meals that could be considered as being healthy, hence “healthy-ish”. Healthy meals are subjective, hence you have the right to change any meals you don’t think are healthy for you.

Only halal meals.

Optimise your calorie intake. The required calorie intake per day for women is 2,000 kilo-calories a day and 2,500 for men. However, you can have more or less depending on your preference.

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1 order, up to 21 meals delivered

Breakfast, lunch, dinner sorted for the whole week. That’s 20 less orders, 21 less meals you have to think about, plan for, and prepare delivered when you want them.

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Become a partner

Become A Partner

Bring your dishes to a wider audience. Our platform is easy to use and allows you to reach and repeat customers easily.
We handle delivery logistics if you want, so you can focus on creating amazing dishes. Contact us today and let's work together to grow your business.

Become A Driver

Join our team of delivery partners and earn extra income by delivering restaurant-quality meals to customers in your local area.
We provide everything you need to get started, including a flexible schedule and easy-to-use delivery platform. If you're interested in joining our team, we'd love to hear from you.

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