Terms of Service

Effective Date: 23/09/2023


It is our esteemed pleasure to welcome you to Mealish. This page, along with the associated documents, elucidates the terms (“Terms”) governing your interactions with our website, mobile applications, and the related services (collectively referred to as the “Application”). These Terms specifically pertain to your engagement when placing orders for menu items (“Items”). 

Kindly read these Terms carefully before creating a Mealish account or using our Application. If you have any questions relating to these Terms and the Privacy Policy, please contact Consumers have certain legal rights when ordering Items using our Application. You can find more information about these rights at Your legal rights are not affected by these Terms, which apply in addition to them and do not replace them. By setting up your Mealish account, you confirm that you accept these Terms. 

Information About Us is operated by Foodvestors Ltd, a company incorporated and registered under the laws of England and Wales, with registered office address at 63-66 Hatton Gardens Fifth Floor, Suite 23 London EC1N 8LE, London, United Kingdom. Our Company registration number is 14651192. 


Our objective is to connect you to the businesses we partner with (“Partners”) and allow you to order Items for delivery (our “Service”). When you order from Mealish via single meal orders (on-demand) or weekly meal orders (meal planning), Mealish sends your orders to the relevant Partner. The Partner has the right to accept or decline your order from our Application and to manage your experience throughout the order process. Once you have placed an order, delivery of your Items will be organised by Mealish (“Mealish Delivery”) or our Partner (“Partner Delivery”) (each a “Delivery”) depending on your choice of Partner. 

Your Account

Prior to placing orders using our Application, you are required to open a Mealish account. When you open an account you may create a password, or use another secure login method. Additionally, you might need to provide credit card details. It is your responsibility to keep any password you create or secure login method confidential and to prevent others from accessing your email account or mobile phone. If someone else uses these methods to access your account, you will be responsible for paying for any items they order. We are not responsible for any other losses you experience unless the person obtained your password due to our failure to maintain security. 

You have the option to close your account at any time by submitting a request through your account settings on our Application or by reaching out to us through the provided contact information. In cases where we have reasonable suspicion of unauthorized account usage, we retain the right to temporarily suspend your access or permanently close your account. We may also close your account if in our opinion, you’re misusing our Service, such as by repeatedly requesting refunds or credits you’re not entitled to, making unreasonable complaints, mistreating our staff or riders, placing bulk orders for potentially hazardous items, or for any other valid reason. If we permanently close your account, we’ll refund any remaining account credit you obtained from our customer service team or Application following any order issues. We’ll apply this refund to your registered credit card. If this isn’t possible for any reason, we’ll arrange a bank transfer using the bank details you’ve given us. 

Mealish reserves the right to take any necessary measures, including requesting additional verification of a customer’s identity, age, and/or other relevant details. We are committed to safeguarding against fraudulent or illegal behavior, including taking action when activities, therefore, we will take action when we have reasonable grounds to believe that a customer’s actions may result in an actual or possible breach of an applicable law or regulation. You must promptly provide any requested information to Measlish. Failure to comply or any suspicion of fraudulent or criminal activity may lead to the suspension or closure of your Mealish account. We will handle your information according to our Privacy Policy. By accessing and using the Mealish platform, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

Order Fulfillment

a. It is the responsibility of the Partner to fulfill consumer orders placed through the Application. This encompasses ensuring timely delivery or readiness for pickup, verifying order accuracy, and accommodating clients’ special requests or dietary needs.

b. Please note that Mealish also offers Mealish delivery services to assist the Partner in fulfilling orders. In cases where Mealish handles the delivery, it is the responsibility of the Partner to ensure that the order is properly packaged and ready for pickup by Mealish’s delivery personnel. In instances where consumers collect their orders in person, the Partner would have the order prepared and available for pickup at the designated time.

c. To enhance your overall experience, our Partners shall maintain effective communication with Mealish and promptly address any issue or concern related to your order fulfillment. Your satisfaction is our priority. Effective collaboration between our Partners and Mealish ensures that your orders are prepared accurately, delivered on time, and meet the highest quality standards. Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding your orders, please reach out to us. Your feedback helps us serve you better.

d. Mealish makes every effort to ensure a smooth ordering experience; nonetheless, there may be circumstances beyond our control that may impact order completion. These include instances where the Partner is unable to accept orders due to the following:

i. The Partner being closed or nearing closing hours, affecting their ability to fulfill new orders.

ii. Insufficient staffing to manage the influx of orders during peak periods.iii. Unavailable Meals: Specific menu items may be temporarily unavailable at the time of your order.

iii. Unpredictable occurrences, such as adverse weather conditions affecting delivery drivers’ availability.

At Mealish, we prioritise transparency and will promptly communicate such situations to our valued consumers. Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible, and we appreciate your understanding in these exceptional cases. Mealish will notify consumers of such unavailability as soon as possible and refund will be processed in line with these Terms and Conditions.  


You can either choose between on-demand and scheduled delivery. We estimate delivery time and deliver as soon as feasible for on-demand orders. We will inform you of a delivery time window for scheduled meals, which is typically within an hour of the specified time as at when the order was placed. Check the Application for precise timeframes owing to variables such as preparation, traffic, and driver availability. In case your order is delayed by 30 minutes or more without prior notice, we are committed to assisting you with a refund, unless the delay is attributable to reasons within your control (e.g., incorrect address). If the address is inside the same zone (I.e., within 100m), changing it before delivery is feasible. Failure to deliver owing to a fault of yours will incur charges which shall be deducted from the cost of the item paid for. 

If you fail to answer the door when the delivery driver arrives or fail to answer the phone when the driver calls using the contact information you provided us, and/or you answered the phone but then failed to provide access within a reasonable amount of time (but at most 15 minutes), and the driver is unable to find a safe location to leave the food, it will be deemed that the Item was delivered and thus you will be charged for the Item. 

 Age Restricted Products

Age restricted products (including, without limitation, alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes) can only be sold and delivered to persons of at least 18 years of age. By placing an order for an age restricted product, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age. Mealish enforces an age verification policy, requiring customers who order age restricted products to provide proof of being at least 18 years of age to the delivery riders before completion of delivery. The rider reserves the right to refuse to deliver any age restricted product to any person unless they can provide valid photo ID proving that they are at least 18 years of age. Additionally, the Partner and/or the rider may refuse to deliver alcohol to any person who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Orders for items containing alcohol may only be delivered to a location that is a residential or business address. If delivery of any age restricted product is refused, you will still be charged for the relevant Item and for delivery. 


a. Once a Pick-up Order is accepted by the Partner, you will receive notification of the anticipated time for item collection (“Target Pick-up Time”). Please note that neither Mealish nor our Partners guarantee the exact pick-up time. Items must be collected directly from the Partner at the designated Pick-up Location. Please ensure you arrive at or prior to the Target Pick-up Time to collect your Items. The Partner will hold your Items for 1 hour beyond the Target Pick-up Time. Should you fail to collect your Items within this period, the Partner reserves the right to dispose of them. Failure to collect Items will still incur charges for the Item/Order.

b. Despite our and our Partner’s best endeavors, occasional unforeseen circumstances may disrupt the readiness of your Items at the Target Pick-up Time. If your order isn’t available 30 minutes after the Target Pick-up Time, we will collaborate with you for a solution, unless the delay is attributed to you (e.g., altering your Pick-up time or order items post-confirmation).

c. When you submit a Pick-up Order using our Application, the Partner must approve it before it is verified. At any point, your Pick-up Order may be refused. If our Partners are too busy or the Items you have purchased are temporarily unavailable, they may refuse your Pick-up Order.

d. Once your Pick-up Order is accepted, we will send you a notification via email (the “Confirmation Notice”). The contract for the provision of any ordered Item is established upon issuing the Confirmation Notice. Irrespective of whether the purchase is intended for someone else, you are liable for all ordered Items through your account and must adhere to these Terms. Some Partners enforce a minimum order value policy, as displayed in our application. All items are subject to availability before sale.

e. Certain Items prepared by Partners may contain allergens. An increasing number of Partners will display allergy information for each dish. If such details are not accessible or you have additional queries, please contact the Partner prior to ordering if you have allergies. Mealish does not guarantee the allergen-free nature of any Items sold by our Partners.

Order Decline

If the Partner declines an order due to specific meals being unavailable at the time of ordering, or other unforeseen circumstances, Mealish will notify consumers of such unavailability as soon as possible. If Mealish cannot fulfill an order, a refund will be processed within 2-7 working days. 

Dietary Preferences and Recommendations

a. Mealish’s meal recommendations may occasionally not align with your nutritional needs, allergies, or preferences. Please note that Mealish will not be liable for any issues arising from orders that do not meet your needs, preferences, or allergies. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the Partner and ensure that the meals align with the consumers’ dietary requirements and allergies. Your feedback helps us enhance the app’s accuracy and provide a better experience for all users.

b. When placing an order for dine-in at a Partner’s physical location, using Mealish’s suggestions, it remains the responsibility of the consumer to proactively engage with the Partner staff to ensure that the selected meals align with their individual dietary requirements and allergies. We strongly advise you to communicate your needs to the Partner to avoid any complications.

c. We value your input, and your feedback plays a crucial role in refining our Application’s accuracy and overall performance. By providing us with your insights, you contribute to creating an improved experience for all Mealish users. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to continuously enhancing our services to meet your expectations.


Refund Policy

At Mealish, we strive to provide exceptional service and positive food delivery experiences. However, we understand that certain situations may warrant a refund. Our refund policy is outlined below:

a. Wrong or Incorrect Order: If the delivered meal does not match the customer/consumer’s order or if items are missing, Mealish reserves the right to access the situation and if deemed appropriate, and upon a request by the customer/consumer for a complete refund, provide a complete refund to the customer/consumer.

b. Quality Issues: If the delivered meal does not meet expected quality standards, such as being undercooked, overcooked, or spoiled, Mealish reserves the right to access the situation and if deemed appropriate, and upon a request by the customer/consumer for a complete refund, provide a complete refund to the customer/consumer.

c. Allergy or Dietary Restrictions: If the delivered meal doesn’t comply with their dietary restrictions, the customer may request a complete refund.

d. Late Delivery: If the order is delivered 30 minutes or more later than the estimated delivery time, and the consumer no longer wishes to accept the order, they may request a complete refund.

e. Other Unforeseen Circumstances: In rare cases, unforeseen circumstances may warrant a cancellation and refund, related but not limited to delivery issues or unexpected events. Each issue raised by the consumer will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Refund Requests

Cancellations for meal plan orders must be submitted atleast 24 hours to the planned delivery date. Cancellations made within 12 hours of the delivery date may be partially refunded. On-demand orders can be canceled within two minutes after being placed. Cancellations made after that time are at the discretion of the Partner and/or Mealish and may incur service fees. 

Refunds for unfulfilled purchases, failed transactions are usually processed within 3 to 5 business days after approval. Depending on your payment provider, the time it takes for the returned money to reflect in your account may vary. 

Payment and Billing

You agree to pay all relevant fees and taxes by placing an order and / or purchasing a membership to our service. Mealish has the right to alter its rates and billing methods at any time and will provide notice of such changes. 

Fees, Taxes, and Billing Terms

a. By placing an order through our service, whether it’s a single (on-demand) order or a weekly meal plan that requires membership, you agree to pay all applicable fees and taxes. This is true regardless of the order type you select. It should be noted that Mealish maintains the right to change its tariffs and billing methods at any moment.

b. Mealish will offer early notification of any changes to rates or invoicing methods, ensuring that you are aware of such changes. We urge that you examine our charge and billing policy on a regular basis to remain up to speed on any changes. Your continuing use of the service following notification of such modifications, whether for single orders or weekly meal plans, signifies your acceptance of the updated conditions.

c. Please keep in mind that this cost structure applies to single (on-demand) orders as well as weekly meal plans that need a subscription. To guarantee your pleasure as a valued client, we are committed to preserving openness and fairness in all financial concerns.


Mealish maintains the right, at any time and without notice, to terminate or suspend your access to the Application for any reason, including but not limited to a breach of this agreement. You will lose access to any content or data linked with your account upon termination. 

Mealish may save user information for the purpose of investigating crime, fraud, or other illegal activity on the Application. You recognise and consent to Mealish storing customer data for these purposes in line with our privacy policy by using our service. 

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Mealish platform is supplied “as is” and “as available” with no explicit or implied guarantees of any kind, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. Mealish makes no guarantee that the platform will be error-free or uninterrupted. 

Intellectual Property

Mealish or our licensors own all material on the Mealish website and platform, including text, graphics, logos, pictures, and software, and it is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. It is forbidden to use Mealish content without clear and written authorisation. 

Limitation of Liability

Mealish will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or related to your use of the site. Our total responsibility to you for any losses will not exceed the price you paid for our services. 

Use of Service

The Mealish platform is not designed for personal usage, but rather for business uses relating to Partner operations. The platform may be used by restaurant partners to deliver meal options and connect with consumers. 

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which Mealish is headquartered, without regard to any choice of law or conflict of law provisions. 


a. Mealish reserves the right, without prior notice, to modify or revise these terms and conditions. Mealish may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting a revised version on the website. Your continued use of the Application after such amendments will constitute acceptance of the revised Agreement.

b. If you have any queries or complaints about our terms and conditions, please contact us at We respect your feedback and strive to give the best service possible. Thank you for using Mealish!